Sustainable urban development and forward-thinking construction

What can governments, public administrations and private sector decision makers do to improve the well-being of citizens in today's urban establishments? The elements of beauty and virtue have long been intertwined, like the adjectives καλός ("beautiful") and ἀγαθός ("good" or "virtuous") in the concept of ideal harmony of ancient Greece. If smart cities are to become home to a new generation of citizens experiencing ideal harmony in all walks of life, they must be secure, functional and environment-friendly.

Gemina's mission is 'to support public and private sector initiatives aimed at designing, modernizing and transforming today's landscapes in light of environmentally and socially responsible protocols, for sustainable urban living and reduced impact.'

A catalyst and an active player promoting change

Gemina develops opportunities for open exchange and collaboration for policy makers, urban planners, technology partners, investors and construction companies building today's urban establishments, industrial complexes and housing solutions. Established as a dedicated initiative by the Future Cities and Electronics Day Working Groups of the Sustainability Summit, it is aimed at accelerating the pace at which a vision can be turned into reality by promoting best practices and their implementation.

Advisory Board

Taking part in the Sustainable Development Advisory Board's multi-disciplinary talks, Gemina engages authoritative voices from different fields of expertise, spanning across the fine arts, legal, regulatory, industrial, technology and scientific communities to look holistically and in detail at today's innovative concepts, materials and technologies for state-of-the-art real estate.

Vision to action

Acting just as much as a think-tank, a competence center and an active arm involved in turning high-evel discussions into the reality of mainstream projects, Gemina catalyzes initiatives aimed at funding, replicating and divulging innovative experiences and best practices in real-estate development and modernization, in light of the UN's SG development goals.