Catalyzing open initiatives

Governments and city councils, leaders of industrial ventures, as well as heads of healthcare and education institutions, transportation authorities and private clients turn the page on development standards of the past and accelerate the adoption of environment-conscious urban development and construction. A common aspiration is becoming a fast paced market trend.

Think tanks working for a common agenda
Stakeholders sit together at the table of innovation promoting public-private partnerships for sustainable development. Meet Gemina at the Smart Round Tables of Sustainability Summit.

  • Are you a policy maker or government sector advisor?
  • Are you a public administration stakeholder?
  • Are you a provider of new building automation technologies?

A channel partner program accelerating transformation
Gemina partners pioneer new industry open programs that turn sustainable development for eco-smart living into reality. Join forces with those driving change in construction.

  • Are you a construction industry player?
  • Are you a real-estate investor?
  • Are you a property manager leading its transformation?

Join those making it happen: Gemina partner program

Today's transition towards environment-responsible urban development requires the construction industry to keep abreast of evolving regulations and to be in control of critical contributions at each and every level of each project's value chain. Streamlining of activities requires expert coordination that Gemina issues via a dedicated partner program and general contractor Gemina Srl.

Gemina HUB brings together contractors, architects, construction industry specialists and suppliers, positioning their projects on a fast track for financing, coordination and control in light with the latest quality standards and most stringent security protocols.

Gemina HUB professionals support end-to-end design and implementation of leading edge urban development and real-estate projects with a full range of capabilities from legal, financing and technology expertise, to marketing and custom R&D.

From vision to real-estate