Building a legacy of lasting value

Concerns about dangerous man-made climate change urge governments worldwide to embrace a vision of sustainable development. In this context, policy makers are developing new regulations for smart and environmentally responsible urban development. Encouraged by government-sponsored programs, private investors, developers, corporate facility and public sector project owners share a common aspiration that has become a fast paced market trend, fostering a paradigm shift in building construction.

"Construction projects bringing to fruition today's environmentally responsible practices need to link legal, marketing & project management resources with competencies in building performance optimization & procurement process coordination."

Public and private sector clients need, and are seeking for, expert coordination of their eco-smart development projects throughout the phases of inception, design, engineering, financing, site preparation, purchasing, construction & management.

Gemina addresses the needs of project owners leading today's urban development and building construction by giving them access to a network of specialists for end-to-end design, coordination and implementation, with one-stop-shopping of the building materials and construction complements, hand picked with expert insight, in line with world-class standards and forward thinking protocols.

Gemina: find your general contractor for sustainable development...

...mastering today's full fledged palette
building materials, technologies and construction complements with expert advice for top quality standards (...)


...turning visionary ideas into real estate optimizing today's construction processes according to the environment responsible criteria of sustainable building (...)

...integrating information technologies
leveraging home automation and artificial intelligence for today's smart, eco-friendly living experience
State-of-the-art IT

...anticipating style and regulatory trends leaning on construction industry insight, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) of pioneering marketing specialists (...)
Informed decision making

...promoting smart development concepts from industrial and housing solutions to temporary installations for world class events and emergency management (...)
Public and Private Sector

...navigating through project complexity and demanding requirements to meet your goals, with a team of select specialist professionals at your side (...)
End-to-end coordination

As an ideal expert hub to source supplies and gain access to select suppliers with specialist expertise in socially and environmentally responsible construction, Gemina addresses the needs of clients developing both permanent and temporary installations, modernizing housing solutions or industrial complexes respecting the landscape, the environment and its livelihood.

  • top quality building materials and complements
  • top class advisory services and project coordination
  • top end-to-end support in implementing best practices
  • unique & customized approach to each individual project
  • convenient & efficient in optimizing your project-specific process
  • safe & compliant to the meet the most stringent regulations

Embracing the eco-smart revolution
More and more construction industry suppliers
decide to join Gemina's partner program to accelerate the pace at which a forward thinking vision of sustainable development can become reality. This shortens the time to market of the latest government-led programs that support a virtuous transition to the latest environment-friendly protocols.

Hand picking top notch professionals
Gemina seeks to provide end-to-end expert support and
hands-on coordination of the workforce that will turn even the most ambitious smart city development ideas and real estate modernization projects into reality
, working with best-in-class suppliers adhering to the industry's most stringent security, quality and environment-friendly certifications.

Gemina lays bare the key elements that define the successful design and implementation of each individual client project. Whether related to building construction or modernization, professional advisors and suppliers are engaged to form the best, high performance teams in the position to deliver the desired results, relieving clients from having to deal with project complexities.