Co-branded cosmetics


Finding your base


Gemina is specialized in conceiving, creating and launching enticing style complements and custom-developed products, developing proprietary cosmetic lines and fragrances as turn-key solutions available to the non specialist retailer or department store.

Gemina provides the full-fledged palette of essential textures, shades, fragrances and packaging options to choose from, for customized  for retailers wishing to integrate cosmetic style complements into their portfolio, as products of “Gemina”, or “YOUR BRAND by Gemina”.

Brands and white label designs to lean on

Gemina offers access to a portfolio of Swiss, French and Italian brands and white label design solutions to lean on, as well as a rich palette of primary hues from which to obtain the ideal colors and shades.
By laying bare the key elements that define the product's successful design and sourcing from the best suppliers for each, Gemina specialists will manage a high performance tool kit to make your launch a smooth and rewarding experience, without the necessity to engage with

Promoting your own brand

Launching a new cosmetic product is a complex subject. Breaking it down into its fundamental building blocks makes it more transparent and manageable. Whether the desired concept is specific product with a predetermined profile, or a product line spanning across an entire rainbow of options for your clients to choose from, Gemina provides all the advice necessary to obtain the exact nuances with the perfect textures, fragrances and presentation of the products you are looking for, on the basis of your brand identity and clientèle.

‘Your’ style complements, concept to delivery

The absurdity of chasing alpha

"Skew Base’s philosophy is for investors who understand that trying to beat the market relying on the instruments offered by the traditional banking and finance system always leads, in the long run, to disappointing results."

An inspiring scenario

Gemina understands